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Amarillo Personal Trainer Acheives Certification: Specialist in Fitness Nutrition!

Congratulations, Abby!

Amarillo Personal Trainer & Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Our staff member (and Amarillo personal trainer), Ms. Abby Harrison, recently achieved her certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. Abby has worked here at Creek Stone for several years and received her Personal Training certificate about a year ago.

We had to re-name her at that time to Abigail Armstrong since EVERY personal trainer needs a “strong” name. That was our thinking but she’s still just going by Abby. : )

Abby has been an ambassador for Complete Nutrition, she’s spent time as a personal trainer at the Downtown Athletic Club as well as at the new Crunch.

Abby, however, did not simply stop at being a certified personal trainer in Amarillo. She wanted to add the “NUTRITION” component to her certifications.

With this additonal certification, Abby can now teach people effective ways of improving their health in any area, whether that be in weight loss, muscle gain, or performance.

Through Creek Stone, Abby is able to create nutritional guides for our people and patients to follow, she can provide customized meal plan services, meal prepping, and she can even implement these services into a group-based scenario by doing weight loss challenges within (and through) the clinic.

Most of our Chiropractic patients and Spa clients here at Creek Stone are already well-acquainted with Ms. Abby. She has been a familiar face for some time now taking patients to the back rooms, asking them how they’re doing, and getting everything ready for their appointment with Dr. Williams.

Abby has also been the front desk personality on the weekends for our spa clients and is now our FULL TIME front desk staffer. Now that Abby is the first point of contact when people come in our doors as well as the last point of contact as they leave Creek Stone, she is integral in helping make the Creek Stone experience what it is. Which we hope is AMAZING!

Congratulations, Abby. We’re blessed to call you one of our own!

Great job, girl!


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