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"There's good, there's better, then there's Creek Stone."

Gift Cards Open The Door To Special Opportunities At Creek Stone

Gift cards for Day Spa in Amarillo, TX

Gift Cards for Day Spa in Amarillo, TX


We’re going to guess that you know all about gift cards. What gift cards are for and why you would buy one and gift them to people you care about. For that reason, we don’t want to just talk about our spa gift cards as much as we want to talk about what you can get with our Amarillo spa gift cards. 

First, let’s talk about the perfect times to gift a gift card to someone.

  • Happy ___________!
  • Congratulations!
  • Thank You!

Basically any time you can say those words to someone, you can give them a spa gift card!

Spa Gift Card Amarillo - Amarillo Spa Gift Card

Just think about it:

  • “Congratulations on your promotion, here’s  a massage and a facial for you!”
  • “Congratulations on your bridal shower. Here are some eyelash extensions for you!”
  • “Thank you for your business referrals. Here’s a gift certificate for a special spa day!”
  • “Thank you for being an all-around amazing person that I care about. Here’s a gift.”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  • “Happy Anniversary!”
  • “Happy Birthday!”
  • “Happy Work Anniversary!”

There are so many excellent reasons to give a spa gift card to someone.

Now that we’ve discussed “why,” let’s talk about “what.”

Before we get too far into the “what,” here is a link to part of our spa menu:


Creek Stone Gift Certificates can get you a WIDE array of services here at our Amarillo spa. Our Amarillo day spa offers 14 different styles of massages. The best part about it is that, here at Creek Stone, our Swedish massages start at just $39 per hour. Full body massages here in Amarillo just started making more sense. It’s no longer only an occasional treat, our Amarillo massages are now affordable and can be made part of your monthly wellness protocol. 

There is a solid reason our motto is, “Luxury services without the luxury pricing.”

Here is a quick list of all of the different styles and techniques of massage that are offered here at Creek Stone Spa in Amarillo:

  • Swedish
  • The Alternating Renewal Therapeutic Technique (ARTT)
  • CranioSacral Technique
  • Acupressure
  • Expectant Mother Massage
  • Four Hand Touch Massage
  • Active Release
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Tui-Na
  • Chinese Cupping
  • Hot Stone
  • Thai
  • Aromatherapy

Amarillo Massage

We feel that you can spend as much as you want on massages elsewhere but we don’t think you should HAVE to. Our philosophy is, “Why spend $65-$70 for an hour long massage when you can get the same or better massage at Creek Stone for ONLY $39?” When you consider that we have had therapists come work for us from the most expensive spas in Amarillo, you can truly be sure that you can get the same service, or better, right here at Creek Stone for a fraction of the price.

Our spa gift certificates aren’t only good for the best local massages either. We have a full line of Epicuren skin care availlable here in Amarillo. You would have to travel to Albuquerque, Denver, Dallas, or Oklahoma City to get your Epicuren fix if Creek Stone didn’t offer Epicuren right here locally in Amarillo. Why should the big cities get all of the fun? Epicuren is consistently voted into the Top 5 skin care lines in the world and Creek Stone has it. Stop by for a sample won’t you?

We offer Express Facials that can be done in 30 minutes and only cost $40. You can’t beat that!! A full, hour long, Custom Facial is $65. But it doesn’t stop there. We have:

  • Detox Deep Pore Cleansing Facials,
  • Anti-Aging Epicuren Facials,
  • Pure Hydrafacials,
  • Teen Facials,
  • Photofacials (Acne, clear complexion, anti-aging, & pain management)
  • Microdermabrasion,
  • Dermaplaning,
  • Peels (Glycolic, Enzyme, and Lactic Acid),
  • Lip Treatments,
  • Collagen Eye Treatments,
  • Eyebrow Tint,
  • Eyelash Tint, and
  • Purifying Back Treatments.

You might think that would be quite enough right? WRONG!!

What about EYELASH EXTENSIONS in Amarillo? We have you covered. We use Novalash eyelashes. We decided to use Novalash lashes in Amarillo because we felt our clients and customers would value the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free and are safer to use since they are less likely to cause allergic reactions. We use a special adhesive that is 100% waterproof and contains a flexing agent that adheres to your natural lashes without causing harm. We can combine the eyelash extensions with other services as well to form the Tres Bella Service! The Tres Bella consists of eyelash extensions, lip treatment, AND brow waxing! The Tres Bella service can be a game changer in just a short amount of time.

What about WAXING?!?! Yes, gift cards cover all the body waxing in Amarillo that you can possibly handle.

  • Brazilian
  • Brow
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Ears
  • French Bikini
  • Full Face
  • Full Leg
  • Lip
  • Lower Leg
  • Nose
  • Underarm
  • Upper Leg
  • Chest (Men)
  • Back (Men)

Let’s don’t leave out the Men. We have services for the men in Amarillo as well. We offer:

  • Gentleman’s Facial
  • Executive Facial
  • Gentleman’s Skin Fitness Facial
  • Purifying Back Treatment
  • Men’s Microdermabrasion

No, we are not done yet describing what you can use your Amarillo spa gift cards on here at Creek Stone. What about TEETH WHITENING?! Yes, we have teeth whitening and it’s amazing! We offer the STRONGEST whitening solution outside of a dental office and we offer it at a fraction of the price. Up to TEN SHADE BRIGHTER in one hour for $89. You will not find this deal anywhere else in Amarillo and we do this every single day. It’s not a sale. It’s every day, all day.

Have you ever thought about getting ACUPUNCTURE in Amarillo? We have a fully licensed acupuncturist in Amarillo at Creek Stone and everyone just can’t say enough about her. Along with Chiropractic and Massage, Acupuncture has recently been recommended by the American College of Physicians as well as the American Medical Association for non-complicated acute and chronic low back pain. Not to mention all of the other amazing work that acupuncturists do. Our Amarillo acupuncturist is well-versed in all forms of eastern medicine, herbal, holistic health protocols. Our Amarillo acupuncturist also performs ACUPUNCTURE FACIAL REJUVENATION.  If you don’t know what that is, it is a natural way to get a facelift! Facial cosmetic acupuncture rejuvenation can remove 5 to 10 years from your face. They can make fine lines vanish, lessen the deeper wrinkles, all the while reducing sagging skin and those double chins.Your gift cards cover acupuncture here at Creek Stone.

Again, the link to our spa menu services is as follows:


I’m sure I have failed to mention some other amazing services we offer here at Creek Stone, your “go-to” Amarillo day spa. But we feel this is a pretty good start when trying to describe what all we do.

What other services would you like to see Creek Stone offer? We would love to hear your input! Send us your suggestions at creekstonecare at gmail dot com.

Not only is Creek Stone already the BEST priced, upscale spa in town, but we also offer LOYALTY REWARD CARDS. When you visit our spa, you will get a reward card. When it comes to massages, facials, and eyelashes, EVERY TENTH SERVICE IS FREE AS A WAY TO THANK YOU AND SHOW YOU THAT WE VALUE YOU AS OUR CLIENT!


Amarillo massage facial loyalty card


Amarillo eyelash extention loyalty card


How about you go ahead and call us at 806-355-3000 right now and let’s get something amazing set up for you and someone you love. Or come by the Creek Stone office at 3501 SW 45th St., Ste T and pick up a gift card for that special someone and MAKE SOMEONE’S DAY!

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