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"There's good, there's better, then there's Creek Stone."


A Little Known Way To Fix Plantar Fasciitis & Foot Pain

Why do my feet hurt? When i was a little girl I grew up out in the country. I ran up and down the yard, dirt roads, open pastures, and everywhere else barefoot. Nothing stopped me and I never wore my shoes. Well, when you are young

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Who Else Has Had Problems Getting Healthier?

I have struggled with my weight for the past several years. Being diagnosed with clinical depression on top of a struggle with weight…..well, you could say that it has made for a tough go.  Over the years, I have tried eating “healthy” and working out. Trust me

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Spring Cleaning Like A Champ!

Have you gotten to your Spring cleaning yet? I admit to not getting far yet. Here in the Texas Panhandle ( Amarillo ), I am afraid that a freak snow storm might dump three inches of snow on the anything I take outside. Or, maybe a 70

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A Little Known Way To Enjoy Massage

Learning the benefits of soy candle massage and why we should use soy candles is easy and you may never do “massage” the same way again! Candles have been a part of relaxation and spirituality for thousands of years. Therapeutically, they can create a sense of comfort

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What Yoga Is NOT.

It’s not for the athletic only. You don’t have to be athletic, thin, flexible… you don’t have to be anything! There are no labels attached to yoga. Yoga is a great tool to help any individual reach any goal athletically or professionally. It’s only about taking time

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