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How Not Knowing About Red Light Therapies Makes You A Rookie

Some of you may have heard about this new, non-invasive therapy spas and salons have been offering called Red Light Therapy. Most of these institutions boasting the benefits to help reduce wrinkles and help blemishes heal faster. While those results are impressive on their own, I find that many people remain unaware of the MANY other afflictions Red Light Therapy can effectively treat such as:

• Arthritis

• Fibromayalgia

• Plantar Facsitis

• Rosacea

• Chronic Pain

• Post Surgical Procedures

• Acne

• Uneven Skin Tone

• Scars

• Minor Burns

• Stretch Marks

• Hair Loss

Believe it or not, the list goes on from there. The benefits both cosmetic and medical are astounding. So what exactly is Red Light Therapy? How does it work, and what are the risks?

Red Light Therapy, also known as Low Intensity Light Therapy (LILT) is a process in which one uses a visible red light to amplify metabolic processes at the cellular level that happen in the skin. The light penetrates your skin to a depth of 8-10 millimeters. At this level, the Red Light Therapy encourages the following things to happen simultaneously:

• Increase collagen production

• Reduce inflammation

• Increase circulation and formation of new capillaries

• Increase cellular clean up

• Increase lymph system activity

All of these processes happen in your body naturally, but different factors such as age and injury, can cause a decrease in these activities. By using a wavelength between 620 NM up to 700 NM, Red Light Therapy can help bring those functions back up to a level that can aid in decreasing signs and symptoms from all the ailments listed above.

The best part about this therapy is that there are no known risks involved. Red Light Therapy is all natural, non-invasive, requires no down time, and causes no adverse reactions such as itching or burning sensations on the skin.

If you have found yourself curious about this mysterious Red Light Therapy that has been becoming popular in spas and salons recently, I hope this blog helped answer some of your questions. If you’re interested in trying out this therapy, we here at Creek Stone Integrated Care are now selling a personal Red Light Therapy Device called a Celluma. Give us a call at 355-3000 for pricing and more information on the product.


25 Benefits of Red Light Therapy for You and Your Family

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