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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation is covered under MOST insurance plans when recommended by our Doctor of Chiropractic or when referred by your medical doctor.

30 minutes guided exercise – $70

Physical Rehabilitation

There is so much research showing the effectiveness of chiropractic alone, physical rehabilitation alone, as well as with the two treatments combined. It is abundantly clear that nothing is more effective in musculoskeletal complaint recovery than chiropractic spinal manipulation in conjunuction with physical rehabilitation.

Physical Rehabilitation in Amarillo, TX – Let’s talk about physical rehabilitation in amarillo tx amarillo physical rehabilitation physical therapy amarillo. After years of pouring over the research, it is abundantly clear. Chiropractic is absolutely evidence-based and the treatment of choice in regards to effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and research also shows that chiropractic is less expensive than traditional medical care. Exercise, the research suggests, is ALSO highly effective in the recovery from musculoskeletal conditions. What is certain, is that neither treatment alone that is as effective as the two combined. It’s a powerful combo and physical rehabilitation is covered under most insurance plans when prescribed by the chiropractor. If you have questions or just want to stop in to see our facility, consultations are no charge. We invite you to call us here at Creek Stone at 806-355-3000 tickets started today.


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