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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating in India. There are different schools, practices and goals in yoga. Yoga became more popular in America in the 1980s as a system of physical exercise. In our facility, we use yoga to increase flexibility and range of motion, decrease pain, and increase strength and durability.


Thera-Ball classes can be an ideal way to get movement and exercise in a zero-impact manner. Many of our patients are not able to perform aerobic, high-impact exercise. Thera-Ball is a reasonable option since it involves different movements designed around sitting, lying, and manipulating the thera-ball.  In our facility, we use thera-ball exercise to increase flexibility and range of motion,  increase strength and durability, and begin to introduce overall muscle tone and movement.

Meet Our Yoga Instructors

Jen Becker & Lauren Hemphill

Our instructors’ love, enthusiasm, and excitement for what the do is simply infectious.

You are absolutely going to love them. They have created this class to be for beginners and to be for strength, flexibility, and pain reduction.

Meet Our Thera-Ball Instructors

Linda Mendoza & Jessica Butler

Our amazing staff members have structured the thera-ball classes just for you in a manner that allows for the class to be a workout but one that anybody can do. Young and old to those of almost any physical ability.


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