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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a chiropractic patient to enjoy Massage, Acupuncture, Rehab, Laser, or Yoga services?

     Absolutely not! It is our belief that you should be more than welcome to enjoy as much or as little of our services as you choose to enjoy.

Is the chiropractor going to try to see me a thousand times?

     – Understand that every person, every injury, and every complaint is different so that is a difficult question to answer accurately. However, in general, acute conditions usually require less attention while long-standing, chronic conditions (over 2-3 months in duration) tend to require more attention to address. If your family doctor were to send you to a physical therapist, would the PT just see you once and wish you good luck? Of course not. Changes in the body take time and a lot of patience. However, Dr. Williams doesn’t recommend more than he thinks it will take and you are ALWAYS a part of the plan so be sure and feel free to discuss any concerns with Dr. Williams.

What services at Creek Stone are covered under insurance and what services are cash only services?

     – Great question. All insurance plans differ but most cover the following services.

               Chiropractic treatment

               Physical rehabilitation (when prescribed by the chiropractor)

               Spinal Decompression (FEDERAL BC/BS ONLY and only when prescribed by the chiropractor)

               Low-Level Laser (FEDERAL BC/BS ONLY and only when prescribed by the chiropractor)

               Therapeutic Modalities such as roller table, electric stim. (when prescribed by the chiropractor)

               Some massage sessions if indicated (when prescribed by the chiropractor)

     – Here are non-covered services (Cash Only)

               Most massage services


               Yoga classes

In regards to Massage, how early should I get there?

     – New massage clients need to be in our office at least 10 minutes before the scheduled session so that they can have time to complete the initial paperwork and speak with the therapist concerning their complaints, concerns, or the style of massages available. Established clientele should be in our office no less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled session.

Are there any rules I need to know about when it comes to getting a massage?

     – It is important to understand that we only hire highly trained therapists for our facility and any sexually suggestive remarks, actions, or innuendos will result in instant and immediate termination of your massage session.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

     – Unless we are notified at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, there will be a full fee charged for the missed time slot that could have fit another client perfectly.

Do I tip the massage therapist?

     – In the massage industry, tippiing is usual and customary. It you feel your therapist does a great job, the therapist will certainly appreciate your tipping. Customary tip for a massage is usually between $10 and $20 dollars.


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