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Research: Chiropractic First vs. Medical Care First

This week’s blog features Dr. Williams talking about phrases and questions commonly heard at our chiropractic office here in Amarillo, Texas.

The blog was far too long to write in one piece so we have separated it into four parts. This is Part One. The questions or phrases covered in this blog include, “Wiggle your feet, you didn’t get this way overnight and we’re not going to fix it in one day, a physical therapist isn’t just going to see you one time, I didn’t know I was sore there, and I hurt everywhere.”

Dr. Williams describes why you hear these phrases and the common explanations and responses to these questions or phrases.

If you would like to read the blog rather than watch it, you can get to our other website by clicking below:

20 Things Heard In A Chiropractic Office Part One (#1-#5)

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