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Spring Cleaning Like A Champ!

Have you gotten to your Spring cleaning yet? I admit to not getting far yet. Here in the Texas Panhandle ( Amarillo ), I am afraid that a freak snow storm might dump three inches of snow on the anything I take outside. Or, maybe a 70 mph wind might take a mattress three miles down the road. It’s not a far-fetched notion in this part of the country.

Some of you may ask, “Why is she taking things outside anyway?” Let’s start with a few truths of where and why doing Spring cleaning is a good idea.

It’s thought that Spring cleaning came about as preperation for Lent. During times before central air, it was a time that outside weather and climate was warm enough to remove furniture and mattresses in order to air them out. You washed the walls to get soot and ashes off. They swept every corner to get all of the piles of dirt out. They opened every window to let in fresh air after having everything closed up to keep the heat in for so long. They really needed that fresh air when using some of the chemical cleaners of years ago and a few that are still used today.

Now to why I still say take that mattress outside. Clean air and sunshine. The sun helps kill dust mitesand any other lingering germs and bacteria. The clean air helps give your mattres a fresh smell. During the Winter, people like to stay warm in bed but this provides a breeding ground for the little things. Yes, I vacuum my mattress during winter but the sun kills so many more at one time.

That is also why I take cushions from the couch and chairs out. If I can’t remove them from the house, I remove the ones I can to give room to vacuuming and carpet cleaning as well as washing the walls and ceiling. Don’t stop to think about how far a sneeze goes….it’s gross. If you are curious, look up mythbusters sneeze.

Don’t forget to move the stove and refrigerator to get the nasty floors underneath too. Especially after doing all the party cooking form the Winter season. I hope people have been doing their yoga and their stretches before moving the heavy things around.The big thing is to move the things that people don’t move every day and to clean under and around them. It’s common to find things that were missing and find things that we wish we hadn’t.

There are a few good things to have ready before getting started. Put together a cleaning supplies list and check that nothing needs to bought new. If someone is going to help, will any extra supplies be needed? Some of the things that might be needed are: is the vacuum in good working order, does it need a new belt, or more bags or filters?  Having a small hand held broom and dust pan for the corners is nice. Plenty of rags to wash the walls is needed. Buckets for cleaning solution and spray bottles are necessary. Especially if people are going to make their own solutions. There are a lot of great chemical free recipes on the internet these days so a good Google search is beneficial. One of the easiest recipes is 1/2 cup vinegar to one gallon warm water then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I also like to have plenty of trash bags and a few totes for organizing things as I go.

Put together your plan of action, meaning which room to start and move your way through the house so you don’t get off track. After finished, give those tired muscles a treat by getting a massage, relaxing and enjoy your fresh home.






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