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The Back Pain Article You Haven’t Seen Yet

The Back Pain Article You Haven’t Seen Yet

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Here is a question to consider: “If your primary doctor gave you a prescription to go to the chiropractor, would you do it?”

My guess is that 80%+ would probably set up that appointment and go to the chiropractor. 

There is still a prevailing thought when someone receives a diagnosis of having a herniated disc or a bulging disc. They tend to immediately think, “Oh no, now I have to have surgery.” 

It’s that simple and it is that fast. 

Who could blame them? Living in the allopathic, Western medicine world that we live in, we are all aware that for years now, they start with muscle relaxers and pain killers. Then they progress to maybe physical therapy or epidural steroid injections and/or surgery. 

That has been the natural progression of back pain and disc injuries for at least a couple of generations. If not for a longer period of time. But is that really the best way to do it in 2019?

Well, the short answer is an emphatic, “Absolutely NOT!”

Just like the medical world had its beginnings in the three “L’s” (leeching, bloodletting, and lobotomies), they learn, progress, and refine things. While back pain is still the leading cause of disability globally and nobody has the definitive treatment for ALL back pain patients, we know much more these days than we did even five years ago.

For instance, the ‘go to’ treatments I just mentioned, we now know, (besides physical therapy) are actually the last things we should be doing rather than the first things we should be doing. 

You MUST understand this concept: the research leading to these recommendations has been done by those in the medical field, chiropractors, physical therapists, insurance companies, and even governments. In additions, the research has been published in the most respected medical journals around the world. 

That means if you have a particular bias against chiropractic in general, you are going to need to re-adjust your point of view. 

Yes, there are some predatory chiropractors that take advantage of patients and practice unethically. I would argue that this is a fact in literally ALL professions to some extent. Including the medical profession. 

These recommendations for “chiropractic care first” are in regard to chiropractors practicing under widely accepted and approved guidelines. The chiropractors that put the patients’ needs above their own personal financial gain. 

So who and what am I talking about as far as the research and recommendations? Well, just take a look at this flow chart for clarification. When a person suffers back pain, this is the true path, ACCORDING TO THE MEDICAL WORLD, that patients should be taking. Notice that pills, shots, and surgery are at the very bottom of the list. 

Also, please notice these recommendations either come from or were published in, some of the most respected sources in the medical profession. The American College of Physicians, The Lancet Medical Journal, The British Medical Journal, The Journal of the American Medical Association, The American Pain Society, The Joint Commission, the FDA, and the CDC. 

There is no longer any need to simply take the word of chiropractors who ‘have a dog in the hunt’ to borrow a Southern colloquialism. If your trust has always been primarily in the allopathic world, or you have a long-held anti-chiropractic bias, then you can relax and make your chiropractic appointment today knowing that the medical world is on board with spinal manipulative therapy and you should be too.




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