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TV Appearence 02

KAMR – Studio 4

TV Appearance Archive 02/03

Chiropractic In A Nutshell

Chiropractor in Amarillo discusses research and chiropractic care effectiveness.

amarillo chiropractor

Snow Shoveling Safety

Chiropractor in Amarillo discusses getting your sidewalk clean without killing your back.

What Is This Yoga Thing?

One of our instructors tells us all about Yoga, its beneifits, and how we are using it here at Creek Stone.


Different Massage Styles

This spot highlights different styles of massage in Amarillo, TX and here at Creek Stone.

Why Combine Exercise With Adjustment?

This spot highlights combinging physical rehabilitation and exercise with chiropractic in Amarillo, TX.


Text Neck

This spot highlights “text neck” in teenagers here in Amarillo, TX and around the world. It highlights the need for awareness on this issue on the part of the parent and how important it is to correct the issue before it becomes chronic.


This spot highlights Amarillo acupuncture. What it’s for, does it hurt, can it help?


Why Yoga?

This spot highlights why we offer yoga in Amarillo, TX. Why is Yoga effective for low back pain? Are Amarillo yoga clients more satisfied in general?

Why Massage?

This spot highlights why we offer massage in Amarillo, TX along with all of the other services we do at Creek Stone. Why is massage effective for pain in general? Are Amarillo massage clients getting better, faster?


Spinal Decompression

This spot highlights Spinal Decopmression and its amazing healing capabilities for Amarillo Spinal Decompression herniated bulging disc patients.

Proper Sleeping

This spot highlights the proper ways to sleep. Which postiions cause more wrinkles? Which positions cause more snoring?


Proper Back Pack Use

This spot highlights the proper ways to carry back packs. From how to fit our Amarillo chikdren with them to how heavy they should be loaded down.

Sports Injuries

This spot highlights the proper ways to carry back packs. What puts and Amarillo athlete at more risk, how can injury be avoided, and how should they be treated if one occurs.


How Effective Is Chiropractic?

This spot highlights research that continues to show the effectiveness of spinal mobilization and manual therapy.

How To Interpret An MRI

This spot highlights tries to explain common terms encountered on a spinal MRI report and how to make sense of them.


Dispelling Chiropractic Myths

This spot highlights Dr. Williams discussing at length some common Chiropractic misperceptions.

Creek Stone Integrated Care

Creek Stone Integrated Care: 8 Things You Must Know About Going To A Chiropractor.


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