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What’s It Like To Be a Chiropractor in Amarillo TX?

What’s it like to be a chiropractor in Amarillo TX?

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There are so many things that can be said about being a chiropractor in Amarillo TX. The first thing is that it helps to be a native of the Texas Panhandle and I was born in Amarillo, TX. I was raised and graduated high school in Perryton, TX. When I got out of chiropractic school, my first job was in Hereford, TX and I spent 10 years in Hereford before making my way to Amarillo in 2008.

You could say that I’m a Texas Panhandle boy. If you are from Amarillo or the Texas Panhandle, I’m your people! 

Being from this area is particularly helpful when treating and communicating with folks of this area. We tend to have similar views and similar behavioral patterns. We have similar morals, similar manners, and similar ethics.

Don’t we like to do business with people that seem familiar to us in some form or fashion? 

I know that I do.

People of the Texas Panhandle enjoy family and friends, morals, and the highest of ethics. High ethics is so important in being a chiropractor in Amarillo TX.

And friendliness too! 

Folks of the Texas Panhandle are known for their friendliness. We are no different here at Creek Stone Integrated Care. In fact, a lot of our patients here in Amarillo, Texas are like family to us. We know if we are treating our patients like we would treat our own brother or sister, then we are doing the very best by them. That is one of the best things about being a patient at Creek Stone in my opinion.


I mentioned the highest of ethics. This has been a hallmark of mine and of our clinic for over 20 years. We do not offer a service in our office that we cannot provide good research for. 

We are very much evidence-based in our treatment approach. We are what is considered to be patient-centered. What that means is that we consistently do what is best for our patients rather than what is best for our wallet. 

We don’t recommend treatment based on the bills we have to pay. Rather, we base our recommendations solely on what is best for the patient. 

In addition, we are known for getting our patients back to their lives as quickly as possible without trying to involve them in a lengthy treatment regimen that, many times, is likely unnecessary. 

I have said before that I suppose I could have a bigger house or a newer vehicle but, due to my ethics, I am glad to settle for sleeping better at night knowing that I’m treating people right, that I’m treating patients like I would treat my own family, and all of the rest of it has a way of simply taking care of itself.


I mentioned friendliness. I think many times, healthcare practitioners are accused of having healthy egos. I really feel there is not much room for this in a one-on-one, clinical setting. I think it is important to connect with your patients on a personal level in a way that allows them to trust you and trust in your education and level of knowledge. There has to be teamwork between the doctor, the patient, and our staff. If everyone is bought in equally, the rate of successful outcomes goes up dramatically. Connecting with the people you take care from day-to-day is another key aspect of being a chiropractor in Amarillo TX.

If there is distrust in your office, distrust in the treatment recommendations, little to no hope in a successful outcome, well…. the die has been cast.

I think that a period of trust-building is vital. Not only is it vital in each and every case, but it is vital throughout the course of a doctor’s career.


Another aspect of being friendly in the clinical setting is making good responsible recommendations to our patients and then being there for them however they choose to use us. Sure, we would love for each patient to do exactly what we tell them would be best for them.

However, there is this thing called the real world. In the real world decides mini times when we will be able to see the patient and how often. And that is perfectly OK.

As I said, “My job is to make good responsible recommendations and then my job is to be there however they need me.”

That is ethical, patient-centered, and friendly.

That is being a chiropractor in Amarillo, TX.

Call us if we can help you at 355-3000


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